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Fast grill-Enjoy happy family time

Fast grill-Enjoy  happy family time

 How to grill with friends more conveniently?Our new product TY- S01 fast grill can help you!!


Our new product TY- S01 fast grill has high efficient carbon tube heater,faster and richer!

600W high efficient and stable stainless steel M type heating tube,No Preheatrapid heating!Given design dripped tray Oil collecting, less smoke, less smoke, less smoke!

Easy to clean stainless steel (optional) panels.Accessories can be washed in the dishwasher.




User friendly control with 2 knobs 60mins and always ontimer.

What an easy way to operate!


Our new product TY- S01 fast grill  free to design the market favorite color!


Fast grill taste of broil and grill easy to cook many kinds of food!